Love Demon (flash fiction)

I have a new old flash fiction piece I'd like to share with you. It failed to find a home at magazines after a few close but not quite submissions. I still like it, though, which I can't say about many of my stories from back then; as I'm writing it's turning three years old … Continue reading Love Demon (flash fiction)


Gone Girl – Believe in the Characters

Word count: around 1.300 Fair warning: there'll be quite a few spoilers. I loved Gone Girl, and though luck always plays a part in these matters, I think it's success can to a very large part be contributed to the skill of the author, Gillian Flynn. The novel was suspenseful, thrilling, and Flynn used every … Continue reading Gone Girl – Believe in the Characters

Short Story Recommendations – 2019.01.07

All right. It's 2019 and the year's first short story recommendations are long overdue. I'm still catching on the Daily Science Fiction backlog in my inbox, which is definitely showing. But that doesn't make today's recommendation any less deserving. These Fine Vistas by Sandra McDonald (DSF): The story was mostly just okay. Solid sentence level … Continue reading Short Story Recommendations – 2019.01.07