A Crazy Month

So the last month or so has been pretty strange, exciting, and full of first time experiences for me, with a lot of ups and downs.

I went to the US for the first time and got to experience just how simultaneously different and similar it was to western Europe. The sheer amount of second hand book stores was definitely a plus, as was the American Writers Museum in Chicago where I was lucky enough that Mary Robinette Kowal and a couple of other writers had a panel debate on women in science fiction.

It was an amazing trip, despite everything going wrong as soon as I got near an airport (I was pulled aside for a random search in JFK and had to wait for an hour to answer two minutes worth of questions. When leaving for North Carolina, the truck that pulled the plane out to the runway tore a hole in it. And when we were heading for Chicago, there was a storm over the city, so our plane got cancelled, baggage lost, and only by sheer luck did we get on to the next plane just as it was boarding).

While I were away, though, I had a story reach the second round of judging at Daily Science Fiction for the first time, making it passed the 95% that gets rejected in the first round, only to be rejected anyway. Sigh.

My first entry at the Writers of the Future competition was rejected too, didn’t even place. I must admit I didn’t have high hopes for the story, knowing that it had some glaring flaws that were beyond my current abilities to fix. Deep down I probably knew it wouldn’t place, but I just couldn’t keep myself from dreaming of getting at least an honorable mention. Double sigh.

On the other hand, two of my short stories were nominated for  best short story over at the online writing community I hang about. It’s nothing big, but still, any recognition at all at this stage of my writing career is nice.

Also, I went to my first con at the end of the month. Fantasticon in Copenhagen.

I hadn’t known what to expect from this, it being a small con and me being quite introvert. But everybody there were extremely nice, and though there weren’t many people, there were lots of panels and half of them were in English and about international literature rather than just Danish/Scandinavian literature. So I’m definitely going again next year, maybe heading for World Con too when it reaches Dublin next year.

Aside from the last week, I didn’t write anything for the entire month either. Which is another first for me, at least since I started writing in earnest about three or four years ago. I was a deliberate choice though, as I wanted to get the most out of my US trip, and it did allow me to focus more on what I experienced , sucking up a lot of inspiration for future stories.


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