Short Story Recommendations – 2018.09.24

The App by Dustin J Davis (DSF): The sentence level writing is okay, the characterization pretty good considering the limited work count, but it’s the treatment of theme that really pulls this story up above average. The story highlights what’s it like to live in the probably not too distant future where highly realistic video-editing is available to everyone, making even videos unreliable as evidence or a news source.

The Revolution Brought to You by Nike by Andrea Phillips (Fireside Magazine): Warning: If you’re Trump supporter, this is not for you. As with The App (see above), it’s the treatment of the theme that takes this story above the rest. The story asks the question: what if the current political climate continues its downward spiral. It shows us the highs and lows, how ordinary citizens can be the driving force behind making a change for the better, and how easy it is to slip back into complacency.

We do not Know What Happened to the Children by Claire Bartlett (DSF): The first half of the story was just okay, working mostly by keeping just enough information back to create a mystery. But in final parts of the story, there are twists and revelations that worked so well that those alone put it onto this week’s list of recommendations.

Your Great Journey by Ash Harrington (DSF): Despite being written in the second person, being relatively slow, and having little “action”, the story is quite interesting. I think it would have been much stronger in first or third person though, but the great opening hook and clear emotional impact the main event of the story has on all the characters kept me reading to end without ever being bored.


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