Short Story Recommendations – 2018.08.03

Unfortunately, I only have two story recommendations for you today. This is partly due to me having read mostly novels and stuff from my writing group the last week or so, and partly because I’ve been unlucky and the stories I did chose to read (many of them being okay but not exactly great).

Luckily, my favorite magazine, Daily Science Fiction, didn’t let me down. So I bring you:

Child of mine by Kyle Davison Bair (Daily Science Fiction): The weird opening dialogue might throw some people off. But even if you don’t find it as funny as I did, just hang on. Trust me; the story is worth it. It’s funny, highlights the potential pitfalls of gene therapy, and has a great ending.

The Exclusive and Definitive Debate on Illegal Immigration by Justin William Cary (Daily Science Fiction): For the most part, this read like another just-okay story. The premise was good but not terribly original (the government dealing with alien, as in space aliens, immigration). The execution could be better, but the story does well in creating an allegory between the alien and the many, many immigrants which have made the US what it is today. What made the story end up on this list though, was the ending. So go read!


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