Deliberate Practice – July Stats

Already with one day left of the month, July proved to be my best month yet in regards to getting down practice hours. I ended averaging 3.57 hours a day (my previous best was 3.42). The practice consisted of 15 hours of  writing exercises, almost 19 hours of writing stories, more than 73 hours of reading, and 3.75 hours of visualization practice.

This means I’ve reached my goal of practicing 3 hours a day for 4 out of the last 5 months (In April I fell just short). So now I’m focusing on increasing the quality of my practice. I’m going about this by updating my training setup, using my writing group more actively to get feedback on my stories, and I’ve joined the Codex Writers group, an online group for neo-pro speculative fiction writers (writers who’s gotten at least one pro-level short story sale or sold a certain amount of books). And already in my first day as a Codex member I stumbled across fellow writers interested in exchanging feedback on writing exercises, so I’m really looking forward to this.

Not only are my practice numbers looking good, but based on how the stories I have out for submissions are doing, my writing has improved as well.

It’s of course too early to conclude anything, but right now I’m really optimistic that my rigid, structured approach to practice will accelerate my progression as a writer and lead to big things.


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