Short Story Recommendations – 2018.07.09

It’s time for my second round of short story recommendations. This last week or so it seems I’ve been reading a lot of Daily Science Fiction (DSF), or at least that’s where I’ve found the best stories.

This isn’t really a surprise though as DSF is one of my absolute favorite short story magazines. They publish professional flash fiction stories of the highest caliber and often stories with a great deal of humor too. And they’re free to read.

It’s also worth noting that three out of my four recommendations are written by women, which is nice considering the field is still somewhat dominated by men. A good omen of more equal times to come perhaps.

A Bedtime Story by Mark Allan (DSF): The author brilliantly subverts tropes and clichés and use some humor to create an original spin on an overused trope. All this in a flash fiction piece. This was probably my favorite story this week.

Temporary Friends by Caroline M. Yoachim (Escape pod): Yoachim is one of my absolute favorite short story authors, and in this tale she puts a new twist on both educating children and the importance of learning to cope with death and sorrow.

Time and Time Again by Kat Otis (DSF): This story felt a bit mundane to begin with, but the twists it took at the end really made it worth the read.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching; Love Like You Know it Will Last by Olivia Wood (DSF): Just as Time and Time Again, there wasn’t really anything in the story that proved out of the ordinary until I neared the end. But at the end all that mundane storytelling turned into excellent buildup in the span of just a few sentences.



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