Short Story Recommendations – 2018.07.02

This is the first post in my series of short story reviews/recommendations. Below, you’ll find a list of short stories I’ve read lately and a brief description of each.

Let me know what you thought of the stories in the comment section or if you have any short stories or magazines you can recommend yourself.

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (Escape pod): The story is a science fiction classic originally published by Mercury Press in 1959, but if you want to listen to it while driven to work or doing the dishes, then the Escapepod audio edition is the place to go. The narrative voice is distinctive, the theme of the story is treated with great care, and the author doesn’t mind hitting you right in the feels.

The New Resistance by Toni D’Aloisio (Daily Science Fiction): A nice little piece of flash fiction that, despite the initial impression of a cozy detective story, pulls of a twist and ends up treating the serious dilemma of how far authority should be followed in order to maintain order.

Every Day Fiction is a token paying market, meaning they pay a small fixed amount for each story. This in turn means they can’t always match the quality of the pro paying markets. Non the less they publish a new story every day, and they accept stories in all genres. So I often drop by their site just to read outside my genres once in a while. So while they aren’t on the same level as the two stories mentioned above and they aren’t speculative fiction, I still have a few stories from there I’d like to recommend.

The Help Desk by Todd Wells (Every Day Fiction): A funny flash fiction piece playing a joke on the detective noir genre.

Bastion by Robert L. Perrine (Every Day Fiction): A mystery story that adds another level once the twist is revealed and doesn’t shy away from the bittersweet ending.


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