Training Stats – June

It seems I’ve gotten the hang on the quantitative bit of my practice. June proved my best month yet with more than 102 hours of fiction writing practice.

I spent more than 69.5 hours reading, more than an hour visualizing stories, and just about 32 hours spent on doing writing exercises or writing stories.

However, it doesn’t mean I don’t have areas to improve upon. I wasted six hours doing nothing this month, which is way too much. And generally I feel my attention slipping more and more both when writing and reading. So I think I have to start practicing using the pomodoro technique again and turn of the internet when I can’t keep my mind from slipping.

Compared to the previous months, it also seems it’s especially my reading time which has gone up. This is definitely a good thing, but part of it comes from listening to audiobooks when I do simple, repetitive task at home or at work, or from reading parts of stories whenever I can slip in a five minute break from whatever I’m doing. And I can’t deny that some of this reading is, well, less than concentrated. So counting this as deliberate (meaning focused, dedicated, goal oriented) practice doesn’t really seem right.

Therefore, starting from now on, I’m going to take notes to every short story I read, and the best of them are going to get a brief review which I’ll post here at the site. This will keep myself accountable and force some quality into my reading and hopefully provide some reading inspiration to those of you dropping by. (I’m already posting reviews of the books I’m reading throughout the year, by the way)

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show even better stats both quantitatively and qualitatively in a month.


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