Practice Stats – May

So the stats from May are in, and it turned out to be my best month yet as seen on the graph below.

Practice stats 2018.06.05

I managed an average of 3.09 hours of practice a day, barely beating the 3.02 hours from March. It came about with just above 5.5 hours of writing exercises, 16.8 hours of story writing, 1.6 hours of visualization, and a whopping 71.6 hours of reading and story analyzing.

I only wasted about two hours during the month which seems like the minimum I can get to without burning out completely. So, yeah, that’s great!

Putting in this many hours of practice wouldn’t have been possible without listening to a lot audiobooks and short stories at places like Escapepod and Podcastle. And ideally, writing should probably make out a larger percentage of my practice time. Honestly though, May has been a hell of a month with my new job demanding a lot of time and energy, and I hadn’t really expected I’d be able to practice this much at all.

So, yeah, things are looking great. In the coming months, though, I will be trying to see if I can focus more on having dedicated writing time for longer periods instead of relying so much on listening to audiobooks while doing other kinds of work. Because, if I have to be perfectly honest, the latter probably shouldn’t count as deliberate practice.


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