April’s Stats

The data is in from the past month, and it looks good. I managed to practice my fiction writing skills for almost 3 hours a day, which is the target. 2.9 hours to be specific.

So just under the target and a little worse than March, but still far better than what I’ve generally been achieving since I started tracking my practice in September last year. Based on the last two months, I’d say I’m on the right track.

The 2.9 hours a day comes from a total of just above 2 hours of story visualization during the month, 6.6 hours spent on writing exercise, 20.6 hours spent on writing and editing stories, and a whooping 58 hours of reading fiction.

I was on vacation for a good deal of April which meant more reading and less writing, but as of today I’m hoping to smoothen out the numbers a bit more, getting more writing and editing done.


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