March Stats – Goal Grabbing

So, yeah, I’m kind of bombed. I finally reached my goal of doing, on average, three hours of deliberate practice per day throughout an entire month.

I should be happy. I should be smiling all over. I should celebrate achieving one of my major writing goals. And don’t me wrong, I am happy.

The thing is, though, I only managed because I had three sick days in March, meaning three days where I did nothing but sleep, read, and write. And I still only just reached the three hours per day.

And the goal wasn’t really to do this just one month but to get in the three hours per day, continuously, day after day, month after month. And now it’s April, and I have to start over, knowing that all my weekends are already booked and I’m going on a week-long holiday with a couple of friends where reading and writing will probably take the backseat.

So, yeah. April’s going to be a tough one. That being said, I’m already building up a buffer, having practiced for at least three hours each day so far. Wednesday I even got in an extra hour.

But enough about whining and enough about April. The stats for March are as following: 24.5 hours of writing exercises, 12.25 hours of story writing, just above 53 hours of reading (sometimes being sick pays off), and almost four hours of story visualization. And I only counted 4.75 hours wasted.

Since I started counting my progression looks like this.

Data Sep 17 - Mar 18

Aside from a dip during December, things are going the right way. Now I just have to prove that March wasn’t a fluke, that I can keep this up, that I have the determination to put in hour after hour of practice.


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