The 2018 Hugo Finalist

The finalists for the 2018 Hugo Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of speculative fiction, have been announced.

One shouldn’t put to much into a story being an award winner/nominee; it doesn’t make the story any better or worse after all. But I still become all giddy waiting to seen who’s running away with the trophy. I guess it’s the same useless trait that makes me  a sports fan even though I know the whole concept is ridiculous, paying teenagers millions of dollars to run around kicking or throwing or batting a ball.

It is, though, more interesting when you know a little about the combatants. And even though I always try to keep up, it seems I’ve read none of this year’s finalists. At least not so far as I can remember.

I’ve read stories by some of the nominated editors and writers and from some of the nominated magazines — by the way, can anybody tell me why the Hugos have an award category for best semi-prozine including what is clearly pro magazines (per the SFWA standards) but not one for prozines?

Oh, well. It seems I might have to rearrange my to-read list for the next couple of months.


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