Success and Deliberate Practice

If you want another view on deliberate practice and it’s importance in becoming good at something versus the importance of talent, I’ll suggest you look at this post which nicely sums it up.

One Percent Better

Whatever the field we observe, there will be successful people in them. There will be the people who are the master of their craft and are considered to be the elite in that particular field. So, what is that makes them so and what is that they do differently from the masses?

This is what John Hayes, a cognitive psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University, wanted to know.

He studied the life of legends in music and other art forms like Mozart and Picasso and tried to figure out what they do differently and how long it took them to become world class.

He wanted to start by studying the legends in the music industry. He studied successful composers between the years 1685 and 1900. He wanted to find out how long after they became interested in music did they become world class, that is, how long before they produced…

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