December Stats

All right, so I’ve been away for while and it’s more than due time for another set of writing stats. This time for December, the month where I finally managed to finish of my NaNoWriMo novella, which means all of my writing time was spend on story writing instead of doing exercises.

December was also the month where we, my girlfriend and I, finally moved into our new house. This of course meant plenty of time spent packing, moving, unpacking, painting, selling and buying furniture, etc. It also meant no decent internet for a few weeks, which explains my absence. But now I’m back, so let’s get to it.

In December I got in just above 40 hours of practice, which is a far deal less than the around 60 hours in November, but since I was moving, I’d actually expected to do worse. It amounts to 1.3 hours of deliberate practice a day, which is far from my goal of a 3 hour average but still around the same level as before NaNoWriMo even though I had less spare time in December. So I would say things are going the right way.

That time was divided between almost 17 hours of story writing and 23.4 hours of reading fiction (yeah, having no internet does have an upside). On the downside, I still wasted 4.5 hours, the same level as in November.

In total, this means that since I started doing statistics on my writing practice in mid September I’ve reached a total of 166.7 hours of practice, 1.5 a day. Around 20.5 hours of writing exercises, just above 76 hours of story writing, and almost 68 hours of reading. And I’ve only wasted around 9 hours.

Looking at the stats, I’m actually quite optimistic that can up my daily practicing time a bit, hopefully by doing some more fiction reading since I really should be reading more.


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