NaNoWriMo Stats

It’s time for another stat update, this time for November, NaNoWriMo season. So the stats will be covering one month this time plus to additional days just to get coverage all the way back to the last update.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t get to spent all that much time on writing exercises during NaNoWriMo. Actually, I had hoped to do some minor exercises each day, but it quickly became obvious that unless I was willing skip everything called social life for a month there just wasn’t time for that. So I ended up with just under half an hour spent on writing exercises during the month.

On the other hand I spent a lot of time writing on my story, 45 hours to be precise. Add to that more than 14 hours of reading fiction and 1.5 hours spent visualizing my NaNoWriMo story and I end up at just above 61 hours for the period. That equals 1.9 hours per day. A clear increase from the 1.5 I leveled in the weeks just prior to NaNoWriMo, but it’s still a far shot from my goal of doing 20 hours a week (about three hours a day). So it’s clear that there’s definitely some things I need to prioritize differently if I want to reach that goal.

That’s also why I’m feeling ambivalently about the fact that I only spent around 4.5 hours on stuff I would consider time waste (random browsing on the internet, playing computer, etc.) during NaNoWriMo.

Well, after a few days of cutting back on practicing to reload after pushing myself during November I have to get back in the seat so that I can finish the first draft for the NaNoWriMo novella and find a way of upping my average practice time even further.


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