NaNoWriMo Update

So NaNoWriMo started out great. I’ve been ahead of schedule since day one, and I still technically am —  with 80 words.

The weekend has been rough on the writing process though. There’s been a company dinner with a subsequent party one day and a football match (that’s soccer for the Americans) with friends and a subsequent party the other.  I did manage to write a little those two days but not more than a few hundred words each day.

It wasn’t just a time question though. I had started reaching a sort of slump leading up to the weekend. I was still reaching my word count plus a little extra, but my writing pace was dropping with each day without providing the benefit of higher quality.

And when Friday came, I really felt the consequence of having cut back on sleep the last few days to keep up. I could hardly keep awake during the day, and when lunchtime came around I felt weak and nauseous for no particular reason.

This really highlights a few things about the whole process:

1) I should push myself to keep writing consistently, but I shouldn’t overdo it.
2) Focus and hard work is important, but so is proper rest.
3) Becoming a pro writer will require sacrifices. I know I shouldn’t kill my social life to reach my goals, but sometimes it will have to be less of a priority. You can achieve anything, not everything.
4) NaNoWriMo is great practice when it comes to putting in the work, each and every day, hour after hour. And consistency is key.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m fully rested for the week to come (or close to), and I’m writing with renewed speed and energy.



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