About The Site

This site is all about speculative fiction, reading, writing, and skill improvement. The latter might seem like the odd one on the list, but it’s really the heart of this site. I don’t want this to be just another writer’s blog; I want this to be the Dan Plan for writers.

Speculative fiction: I’ll be posting news from the world of science fiction and fantasy, mostly related to books and short stories but anything related to the two genres is fair game. Movies, awards, plays, you name it.

Reading: I read a lot, both short stories and novels (even the occasional poem), and I’ll regularly post short reviews on the stories that proved particularly good.

Writing: I’m a science fiction and fantasy author, so, naturally, I’m also going to be babbling about writing (it still is a writer’s blog after all),  stuff like: my published stories, writing advice, and whatever else might strike me as interesting.

Skill improvement: As I said above, I want this to be the Dan Plan for writers (if you don’t know about the Dan Plan, it’s worth a read). I’ll be writing about how I apply deliberate practice to improve my fiction writing skills (if you don’t know about deliberate practice, that’s worth a read as well), using writing exercises instead of “just writing”. Along the way, I’ll be posting updates on how I’m progressing, and, hopefully, it’ll show that talent truely is overrated, that a combination of hard and smart work will get you were you want to be in life faster.
The focus will be on deliberate practice as used by a fiction writer, but  really it’s just an example on how being smart about your practice methods can help you achieve your goals no matter the field of study.


You’re more than welcome to hop along for the ride. Hopefully, you might learn something, and at the very least you will get to laugh at the many mistakes I’ll no doubt make along the way before failing miserably at the end.